Navigating your selfcare brands successfully to the Dutch market

What makes the Dutch OTC market of interest for your brands?

  • The Dutch OTC market is challenging
  • Positions of retail channels and product groups are changing quite fast
  • Size €841 million excl. over €200 million direct internet sales
  • Annual growth at this moment 0,6%, less then before
  • Per capita OTC consumption € 50.00 p/a


The size of (and developments in) the Dutch selfcare market are an attractive challenge for companies with international brands. The market growth in the previous years was largely caused by consumer confidence in the effect of selfcare for simple short-term conditions. A second factor is the increasing out-of-pocket costs for health, such as health insurance premiums and a personal annual contribution of €385 in healthcare costs. A new trend is the referral of general practitioners to the druggist and pharmacy in case of minor ailments, partly by encouraging citizens to take responsibility for themselves. In terms of structure, legislation and distribution, the Dutch selfcare market differs considerably from the situation in other countries, whereas abroad turnover is mainly realized via the pharmacist. In addition OTC drugs are divided in three classes to become available to the consumers/patients. The selfcare market is complex and requires specific market and consumer knowledge from foreign manufacturers who wish to successfully enter the Dutch market. is a combination of well trained experts that guide manufacturers through the successful introduction to the Dutch selfcare market.