Selfcare products on the Dutch market

Respiratory products, painkillers and vitamins are most important

Of the €912 million that Dutch families spend in 2022 on selfcare products, €582 million goes to vitamins, painkillers and respiratory products. Sales of respiratory products grew by 28% to €219 million, painkillers grew by 11% to € 189 million, but vitamins decreased by 3% to € 174 million.

A fourth position is taken by skin and hair products (€82 million), followed by digestive products (€69 million). The total market for selfcare products grew by 9% in 2022 to € 912 million. It is clear that respiratory products grew the most.

The growth figures are variable: turnover by druggist chains increased by 13%, whereas the turnover by independent druggists dropped by 14%. Turnover of selfcare products via pharmacies grew by 14% in 2022, whereas the growth via supermarkets increased by 9%. In actual turnover, sales of selfcare products in The Netherlands were divided over the various distribution channels in 2022 as follows: 

Druggist chains

€ 617 million

Independant druggists

€ 90 million


€ 71 million


€ 134 million

It is clear from the above that the possibilities and opportunities for selfcare products can differ slightly per chosen distribution channel. This means that the selection of distribution channels must be made very carefully, although it will be clear that as a provider of selfcare products on the Dutch market you cannot really ignore the chain druggists.

Source: IQVIA / Neprofarm