What approach do we follow

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ThreeDoses.com believes success can only be achieved if we have an open dialogue which lead to an agreed goal. It is necessary to work directly with clients management. In general, the following steps can be distinguished. For each project, it is determined in consultation with the client which steps are necessary and which are not:

  • First, to investigate relevant market data the client has available, next is to determine which additional market and competition data are required, if necessary in combination with additional consumer research;
  • Based on this analysis: advice on the possibilities that the Dutch selfcare market offers the client;
  • Creation of a marketing and sales infrastructure (selection of distribution partners, agreements regarding different roles, agreements regarding finances, etc.);
  • Possible guidance when taking over local selfcare producers and/or selfcare distributors;
  • Drafting a marketing plan, including SWOT analysis and sales/profit targets;
  • Elaboration of marketing plan (approach to distribution partners and develop a communication plan);
  • Testing activities against legislation and regulations in the field of selfcare in the Netherlands;
  • Monitoring the results in the Netherlands.

ThreeDoses.com also conducts audits for selfcare manufacturers who have been active in the Dutch market for years and need an upgrade to enter a new growth phase. Is optimal use being made of new insights, usage or indication options? Are alternative market approaches possible?

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