About us

Selfcare is our expertise

ThreeDoses.com is a combination of three experienced experts for whom the Dutch (and Belgian) selfcare market no longer holds any secrets:

Henry Neels

  • Former director Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Benelux
  • Expert in market strategy and distribution of selfcare products
  • Extensive experience with acquisitions
  • Access to all relevant legislation on OTC's and selfcare

Neill Oliemans

  • Communication expert specialized in selfcare and OTC's
  • From packaging and information leaflet to public media and social media

Ed van Eunen

  • Marketing analyst and researcher with extensive experience in selfcare consumer behavior and in depth analysis consumer target groups

Depending on the client's needs, ThreeDoses.com determines the optimal deployment of its advisors. Where necessary, in consultation with the client, external experts with additional expertise in legal, finance, compliance or regulatory are involved.

A signed secrecy agreement is standard for us and those who will be used as external party.